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Dropifi is a smart contact widget that helps small businesses
better analyze, visualize and respond to incoming messages.

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How Dropifi Works


In 60 seconds, seamlessly deploy our simple and intuitive contact widget and get real-time enquiries from your customers on your website.

Spam free

Our anti-spam technology effectively filters all messages to make sure spam is not a hindrance to your interaction with customers.

Contact Profile

Messages that pass our rigorous anti-spam filters are further processed to uncover the personality and emotions behind the message.

Business Rules

Fine tune how the processed messages are handled. For example, If sender is from New York and subject is Sales, forward message to NY Office.


In addition to delivering the message to the right persons in your company, we also tell you when it was opened.


The fun has not yet ended. Our analytics and reports engine help you easily understand your contacts, discover segments and vital message trends.

Integrations and Plugins

Easily integrate with your existing CRM system or most popular services and don't worry about migrating to a whole new system. Eliminate all the cost associated with this and save time too!


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